A bit more positive today!!

I'e realized what Sweden does mostly to me more than bore me is that it makes me complain! I should really look at upsides instead: I still got friends even thought they are a bit far away, it's been a really good winter, I get to spend time with me family, I have a job or actually two in the time of the worst recession of all time, I got a really good place to do my teacher application, I'm going to Gothenbur this weekend to spend time with my brothers and I'm seeing Camilla tonight, I'm lucky as I've met a wonderful guy! So I'm going to try my  best being un-Swedish and complain less!! And I think I have to go back to my Spanish way of thinking: Life is good!!

Thumbs up asMichal would say!!:) (here we are at Phoenix-our favorite Irish pub)


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