All the small things....

Small things in life can make you so happy. Like staying in all night talking about all and nothing or having a glass of red wine a Saturday night! It’s sometimes hard to appreciate the small things because they are always around you but we should all put some effort into it, as at least I think we should feel a bit happier! There are so many things we should feel grateful for instead of just complaining. Being Swedish and all that I know this is hard because our life seem to have no other point than talking badly of other people and complaining about the weather..and yeah I do it too!! But I’m really feeling it’s time for a change! I should not complain because of the snow, I should in deed appreciate the fact that we actually had a winter with snow from December until now for the first time of life! It has been beautiful!! And soon spring will be here and it will be great, it’s already becoming much brighter in the morning, like today it became daylight at 6.30! No that bad, and now as the snow is coming off, I could actually go for a run! Amazing!! So good times, let them come! Things can only get better!!


Be happy!!:)


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