Doing what I love..


I’m going to spend next week teaching at the local high school; can’t wait for that! My tutor asked me to prepare a little bit of speech about how it is living in Spain. To share my experiences, show some pictures etc…and to speak in Spanish of course! I miss speaking in Spanish, it’s the best even though I get very lazy a lot of the time and therefore speaks in English instead! Better work on that- It’s a shame I’m such a lazy f_cker!


I love the weeks when I get to teach at this school, it’s my 5th week now..and the last one’s been awesome. My tutor is really great and he gives me both space and opportunity to teach as I like to do it. That’s the way it should be, not like they usually are: controling! I hate that, how will that make me grow as a teacher if I constantly is told what to do?? No, no, no!! But it feels great that I'm so excited about this, becuase that means I'm doing what I'm supposed to do!  So great time next week, and also I hopefully get the opportunity to teach with salary too, if I get to substitute, which I hopefully do! Money come to me!!


Got plenty of work at my supermarket too, so future looks a bit brighter!!:)


Just wish for those glasses too, would edge up my teacher look a bit!! Or maybe a should go for being  maid instead!!:)






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