Sometime I just dream of better places, always thinking of the future or the past. Why is it so hard to live in what is right now? Right now I’ve got loads of things to look forward to; a trip to Italy (where I’ve never been), to meet Lee (way too long ago), to go to Sevilla (my favourite city in the world so far), my new room, my new work (when I get one!!), the sun and warmth, the future and what to expect or what to not expect…Yeah exactly, so why so hard to live in what is now??!! :)



Postat av: anna

I used to be just like you; I thought about the past or dreamed about the future...

But I`m getting better at living in the moment.

I guess you learn as you get older and "wiser". :)

2010-03-04 @ 06:54:26
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