Life in a bubble


Yeeeees, that’s exactly how it feels to stay at Mum’s again as I am in fact in the middle of nowhere where the little thing called cell phone reception is non-existing!! So annoying!! I have to get dressed and walk out to the middle of the road to get a little, little bit of reception so that I can send a message! And sometimes if I’m really, really lucky it works inside if I’ve been walking around the whole house searching for it like 5 mins!! And if I possibly get it sent from the inside of the house it usually takes at least 30 mins before it gets delivered or worse case the text bounces into some tree on the way and thereby gets lost into space somehow!! So please people, if I don’t answer your text message straight away please don’t be mad, there’s a great possibility that I haven’t even got it!!  So if you get to eager please give me a ring on Mum’s phone instead, and you selected crowd who wants to that I suppose already has got the number, otherwise e-mail if you don’t have it already!! Or Facebook me!!



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