When did I become such an emotional smock?? I don’t get it..before I have always been quite confident and controlled and I have never been really bothered if someone talked badly about me. But now somehow it really affects me, and I become all cry-ey and upset like a woman in entering the menopause…what’s going on? I get sad for every little nasty comment I get either on Facebook (which now has become a media I don’t appreciate as much anymore) or in real life and I really take it personal. Before I have always washed it away thinking, they are just stupid people who don’t know any better…but maybe the reason why I get so upset this time is because I know I have actually done something wrong… Though I wonder how long I’m will have to pay for this “mistake”??


When it comes to feelings it’s something you can’t control…




Postat av: June

Hey love, you just turned your life upside down - it is okay to feel a bit mooshy, I promise! Hopefully it all will turn out the best very soon(I truly believe it will, and admire your courage), and you will find your way back to the confident woman I know you are. In the meantime, think of and focus on the ones who truly love you:) Chin up, guapa! xoxo

2010-03-19 @ 15:24:56
Postat av: Åsa

Yeah!! Just hang in there, or what are you saying!!?? At least I have my lovely friends that I will meet soon!! Can't wait!! I'll go to H-stad Monday 5th and I expect to see you!! Wine and video-games like back in the days maybe!!?? xoxox

2010-03-19 @ 15:28:41
Postat av: Carro

<3 Finns här vännen!

2010-03-19 @ 16:16:07
Postat av: Camilla

Ta inte åt dig gumman, man ska följa sitt hjärta annars är det bara sig själv man lura!!

TA INGEN SKIT!!! (som grynet alltid sa)

Älskar dig vännen! stor kram

2010-03-19 @ 22:47:44
Postat av: June

I will be there waiting! Got some news for you too;) xoxox

2010-03-20 @ 12:08:47

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