New positive me!!:)

I feel like it’s time to write something positive!! Several weeks have passed on the emotional rollercoaster for me and to be honest I’m so fed up with it!! I get fed up with myself for being so negative and for complaining and for feeling upset about things I really can’t do anything about!! So pleas old cheerful, happy Åsa please re-enter the stage!!:) I have loads of things to look forward to:


1)  Going to Italy and be with Lee!!

2)  Going to Seville and meet my friends!!

3)  Getting my new room and hopefully a job (seems more likely now, soon it’s getting warmer and people are going to Seville!)

4)  Spending three weeks or whatever it gets to be at Michael’s: that can only be fun!!

5)  I’ve been promised an awesome b-day in Seville by Lee!!

6)  Going to Marbella with Lovisa, Lee and Michael if things work out as planned!!

7)  Working loads of hours at Ica which will give me loads of money!

8)   Being able to walk down the street and get red wine at the supermarket in Seville, oh I’ve missed that!! Love Sweden where you have to go (from where I live now) about 30 km to get some alcohol! Good thing though: I’ve only had some drinks like 3 times since I got back…compare that to Seville!! It’s like detox here!! Lol

9)   My plan is join a gym asap!! I miss my exercise!!

10)  I can run along the river again!!

11)  It will be warm and sunny!!

12)  A trip to “Isla Mágica” might be on the agenda too!

13)  Speaking Spanish for about 4 months!

14)  Go to England and see something else than London!!

15)  Staying at Martina’s for a week!

16)  Swimming next week!!

17)  Still got some substituting to do!! I love my awesome job there!! OMG teaching is the best thing!! I never want to do anything else for the rest of my life!! It’s my calling!!

18)  Having some great last days in Sweden with all of my best friends and with my family!! Ohh I will miss you when I go!! I hope you all go and visit me when the flights get cheap in July as Ryanair starts to travel from Gothenburg to Málaga (which is only like 2 h away) and that means that even you friends who are students should be able to pay me a visit!!:) lol


Back in the days!! OMG!!


Swedish people on ganster tour in Seville!! Here with orange- picther Carolin!!



Martina and I,  Midsommar 2009

Postat av: Camilla

bra att vara positiv.

Men va gör vi på bilden, den ha inte jag sett.. haha

2010-03-21 @ 13:06:11
Postat av: Åsa

Det är från tjej-middag hemma hos mig kanske 3 år sedan eller nåt sånt!! Vi ful-dansar nog bara!!:) hahahaha: fulla antar jag!!!:)

2010-03-21 @ 13:09:20

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