Oh, please shut up!!

Sometimes I wonder what it is about me that constantly make strangers talk to me. As a Swedish person, even though I’m far away from stereotype, we prefer not to speak in certain situation. We have to consider our space, that is like 50 cm wider than for other nationalities! Because of this I still find it annoying, strange and a bit awkward when strangers start to speak to me. Everyone knows I’m talkative, no question about that but it’s a difference between what a find to be qualitative talks and what simply is quantitative. So when people that I don’t start to talk to me on the bus, in the elevator, in the queue at the supermarket etc. I’m not very interested of the weather, their dogs, the fact that the prices gone up or that the post office now is at Ica (which has been for years now), their sick mum etc. Or like to day, I go to the public pool to have pleasant swim (which it was anyway) and this woman who I don’t know by name, keeps swimming next to me, talking as we were friends about this and that, and I just felt like pleas shut up (yes very rude, as she was just trying to be nice) but I was still exercising and her babbling was slowing me down! And what was she talking about..yes I’ve seen this person before but that does not mean I find it entertaining to hear about her daughter going with her to swim Thursday mornings…


I wonder what makes people think that it’s interesting, I wonder if they find themselves interesting or if they find their topics interesting?...Sometimes I’m wondering isn’t it better to just shut up??



I go crazy!!




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