Things getting sorted!!

So finally things are getting sorted in Sevilla!! I found a room a while ago and I took it!! So now I’m going to live in lovely Nervión when I go back. Quite alright location and a great price of rent: only 250 euros a month with both gas, and internet included! Much better than 420 euros I had to pay before, though now I won’t have 2 mins to walk the river and nooo not a 20 m2 terrace! But it’s alright as long as I get a cheaper rent! My new landlord seems ace too! Only 22 years old and he is Spanish! +there is another Spanish woman who lives in the flat which means more time to practise the beautiful language!! So it sounds great!! I’m so excited, though I won’t get it til 14th of May so I have to stay at Michael’s for while: which is also great!! We are going to have so much fun together: as always!!


And Michael has found work at a bar close to his home, and they are looking for more staff so hopefully I can work there too! It would be a lot of fun working with Michael, I’m so going to miss him when I go back to Sweden again this fall, as he has really been my best friend since day one! And if I don’t get a job there I might have another bar where I can work and I have applied for some academies where they need English teachers. That would be the best as I love my teaching: it’s so much fun! I love every day now when I’ve been at my old High School teaching Spanish, I really feel like I’m doing what I want to do! :)


So room and maybe work sorted, now I just have to wait for that bastard salary so I can buy my flights! I don’t understand the Swedish system with getting paid one month after you have been working! What’s that all about??


Can’t wait to go back and meet everyone again!! Best thing is that Lovisa is going the same time as I so I’ll get a couple of weeks with her, and I really hope she’ll get a job in Sevilla for the summer too so that she can come back! It would be so much fun gathering the old crew again: Me, Michael, Lee and Lovisa!!:)



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