Wants to be somewhere else...

Right now I just want to go...for every day I spend in Sweden I dislike it more. The only thing I like about being at home is spending time with mum and the rest of the family. My life in Sweden is depressing especially where I live..there's nothing to do!! I've got no friends here anymore since my friends have all moved away, and I can't visit hem a I've got no money...And the mutual friends of me and Patrik have all parted with him as I'm an hidious person breaking up with him. So whatever social life I had before is long gone.. And what do I pass my days with? Working, working, working...or sitting hours in front of the computer by night trying to stay in touch we the few friends I still have got. Lesson to be learned: never build your life around only one person.....I never felt so lonely in my life.... It feels like an viscious cycle...

I just want to go back to my sunny, happy days in Seville where life is amazing every day! Wehere there's all to do and where all my friends are! I miss some of you so fucking much!! And I miss Lee, starting something new on distance is shit....I wish I were rich and so that I could go now! These 3 weeks and 5 days will feel like the longest in my life!!


Pronto mis amogos!! No puedo esperar!!

Postat av: Markus

what about us?

2010-03-11 @ 23:43:50
Postat av: therese

Antar att det kan vara en av nackdelarna med att göra slut?

2010-03-14 @ 00:19:07

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